Grief and Mourning: The Healing Process After Loss

What is grief?   Grief is all of our INNER THOUGHTS and FEELINGS generated by losing someone or something we are emotionally attached and connected to.

Grief is the normal but bewildering cluster of ordinary human emotions arising in response to a significant loss such as shock, numbness, disbelief, denial, searching, yearning, confusion, disorganization, deep sadness, loneliness, anger, bargaining, depression, exhaustion, fear, anxiety, jealousy, guilt, regret, relief, blame, made more intense and complicated by the circumstances surrounding the loss plus one’s unique relationship to that which has been lost.

Mourning is the OUTWARD EXPRESSION of our grief such as crying, searching, honoring and talking about what we have lost. Mourning begins the healing process and it helps us to express our grief physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  

Most people grieve but most do not mourn.

Understanding the Grieving Process is the Key to bringing a sense of inner and outer stability, wholeness and balance back into one’s life after loss.

The Grieving/Mourning Process IS the Healing Process after Loss. When you know there is a reason and a purpose for this process you will not feel so lost and confused. You will then ALLOW yourself the time and space to grieve and mourn that which you have lost.

Grieving is a Spiritual Journey. It forces us to go within to ask the big questions, Why me? Why my loved one? What is death? What is the meaning of Life? Where is my loved one? Does Life continue on? Is there a God? Is there a Heaven?

Grieving is a journey of the Heart and not the Intellect. It is a time for searching for answers and for meaning. It is a time for going within and time for standing still, for finding One’s Self again. 

Grief is a Journey of Discovering what you have Lost, Loved, and then Learned - about oneself, about life, death, but most of all Love.

The Grieving Process which follows a major loss can help us to find renewed Hope and new Meaning again in one’s life. Here in lies the Importance and Purpose of this Process we call grief and mourning.

We heal from loss from the inside out, not the other way round.

When You Allow Yourself to Feel and express the pain and sadness of your loss YOU are Mourning AND HEALING YOUR BROKEN HEART and moving closer and closer to Reconciliation of your loss.

We do not heal from our losses…we reconcile with them. We carry our loved ones always within us throughout our lifetime. Our own life can shine brighter because of the life of another. Grief is a ‘journey’ which can help one find hope and new meaning in life after loss.

Grief is a Spiritual Inner Journey of Discovery and there is nothing that takes one deeper into the wisdom and depths of one’s Soul than Loss.

In Love and Light, Karen Wood.


Grief Counseling, Guidance, and Companionship Session

Length:2 hrs
Fee: 50$
Intake form:  The intake form addresses how your grief is affecting you holistically on all levels of your being. This form also addresses your Life Loss History plus past grief processing experience and coping style.

The Six Needs of Mourning will guide your grief process in a structured way.  I will guide, counsel, and walk with you on a spiritual healing path through your loss and your grief.

The Six Needs of Mourning 

  1. Recognize the loss by telling me your story and talking about the person, place or thing that you are grieving.
  2. React to the separation in a peaceful, safe and non-judgemental environment.
  3. Recollect and re-experience the deceased and the relationship.
  4. Relinquish the old attachments to the deceased and the old assumptive world because loss changes us and our assumptions of our life and future.
  5. Re-adjust to move adaptively into the new world without forgetting the old.
  6. Re-invest in life again through hope and new meaning.