I have been involved in palliative care support for the past 25 years. You might say it is my passion and purpose in this life time. My work background is in Home Care support and I enjoyed seventeen years with the Olsten Home Care Agency. In 1986 I became a volunteer with the Hospice of London. I remain a Hospice volunteer today. I also served for seven years as the volunteer representative on the “Core” Palliative Care team at St Joseph’s Hospital here in London in which I gave input to the team and offered support to volunteers, terminal patients and their families.

Twenty-three years ago I discovered a wonderful relaxation therapy called Healing Touch. I immediately knew that Healing Touch was a skill I would use with my bereaved and terminally ill clients. During the last 23 years I have discovered that Healing Touch facilitates healing on many levels. I have witnessed not only enhanced physical comfort and emotional and psychological healing but also a deep spiritual healing for both the terminally ill and the bereaved.

My understanding is that the true healer within is our own spiritual self. I as a counselor and Healer simply help my clients to be open to the possibility of understanding life and death from a new perspective. For the terminally ill and the bereaved this can lead to what has been called enlightenment or an awakening. Fear and anxiety lessen which allows for healing of the heart and the mind and ultimately one connects to a sense of peacefulness within them selves and beyond.

My life’s work and purpose is truly amazing. I receive more then I could ever give. My bereaved clients tell me that they never thought that they would ever find inner peace again after their loss. My terminally ill clients and their families are relieved that indeed when cure is no longer an option there is still something that can be offered and that is Healing Touch therapy along side the nurturing of one’s Spiritual Soul.

Deep inside all of us there is a center of peace and calm. Yes, even in you.

Karen Wood